Glyde Lubricants is one of the fastest growing independent lubricants producers in Nigeria. We are endowed with highly motivated and enthusiastic professionals driven by vision to excel in the production of quality products and services.

Our staff are committed to achieving a culture of excellence. The great teamwork at Glyde is one key factor in our success, even in a competitive business environment.



We are Innovative

We relentlessly focus our efforts on research and development to produce innovative products and ideas in the ever-changing market conditions and customer demand.

Tested and Trusted Products

We blend and manufacture the best lubricants for all types of engines. Our products are tested and trusted. At Glyde, we have a strong desire to excel in all areas of our business.

Our Products

Glyde’s range of lubricants is of high quality, with advanced protection, and specially blended for cars driven on Nigerian roads. They are blended for all modern petrol and diesel engines, including turbo charged engines.


They have exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties with very high detergency and dispersion, hence increased capacity to limit oil thickening.

Glyde HD40 API CC/SD

Glyde HD40 is high-quality monograde crankcase oil for general-purpose application.

Glyde Super SAE 40 SF/CD

SAE40 is high-quality monograde engine oil for general-purpose application. It is recommended for petrol engines operating in relatively mild conditions

Glyde HDX 40 SF/CF

Glyde Super HDX 40 is premium quality heavy duty, zinc-free SAE 40 monograde engine oil, diesel engine.

Glyde 20W-50 API SL/CD

Glyde Ultra is Premium quality multi-grade engine oil is formulated for high performance in gasoline and diesel engines.

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The great teamwork at Glyde is the key factor in our success in a competitive business environment. Partner with us by providing your details below and state your preferred partnership level

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