Marine Lubricants




STIMA TP is a range of premium quality lubricants for trunk piston diesel engines.

Formulated with high quality base oils, these STIMA TP oils have a high-performance additive system that provides superior water handling characteristics combined with detergency, dispersancy and alkalinity characteristics necessary to minimize wear and maintain engine cleanliness. Products are available in two viscosity grades: SAE 30 and SAE 40. For special applications, STIMA 12 TP may be available on request in SAE 50 grade. The base Number ranges from 12 to 40.


  • Superior alkalinity (BN) retention
  • Longer oil service life
  • Longer intervals between engine overhauls
  • Minimized piston ring and cylinder liner wear
  • Reduce deposits on pistons
  • Excellent water shedding characteristics

Pack Size: 205 Litres


STIMA TP Plus is a premium quality lubricant for trunk piston diesel engines.


STIMA TP Plus has all the beneficial features of STIMA TP. In addition STIMA TP Plus has the advantage of superior cleanliness control under conditions of residual fuel dilution, very low lubricant consumption and/or specific circulation volume (litre/KW).


Products are available in two viscosity grades: SAE 30 and SAE 40.

Pack Size: 205 Litres



The STIMA CM line is a range of multipurpose, premium quality, low ash and heavy-duty lubricants. STIMA CM is available in three viscosity grades: two mono-grade products SAE 30 and SAE 40; and a multi-grade SAE 15W40.


STIMA CM oils are suitable for use in a wide range of engines in marine services, from highly rated turbocharged, to small normally aspirated diesel engines.


All the grades are recommended for transmissions requiring Allison C-4 and Caterpillar TO-2 oils.


The products meet several service classifications: API: CD, CDII, CF-2, Mack EO-K/2 

Pack Size: 205 Litres



These are cylinder lubricants for cross-head diesel engines. These cylinder oils are designed to cater for engines operating on all the residual fuels as defined in current international marine fuels quality standards and guidelines. STIMA X oils are available in a range of alkalinity grades from moderate to very high to match operational requirements.


STIMA X grades offer excellent anti wear characteristics, longer intervals between engine overhauls. They ensure superior cylinder cleanliness and minimised piston deposits, which lead to reduce maintenance needs.

Pack Size: 205 Litres

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