Tractor Oils




Premium tractor oil for turbocharged and naturally aspirated tractor and machinery engines that meet EU State IIIA and EPA Tier 3 standards. It can be used in all tractor diesel engines.


  • Extended drain intervals for lower maintenance costs.
  • Excellent oxidation resistance for long-life lubrication and protection from rust deposits and glaze. Developed for use in severe conditions, such as harvesters and soil preparation machines.
  • Outstanding thermal stability allows trouble-free operation during extended operations.
  • Excellent viscosities that allow for easy cold-starts.
  • Exceptional anti-foaming properties to stop cavitation and sump overflow.
  • Ensures total inert when in contact with seals.
  • Reduces fuel and oil consumption, for lower running costs.
  • Multipurpose for simplified lubrication across a wide range of machinery.
  • Anti-corrosion properties to protect components.


Pack Sizes: 25Litres and 205Liters.

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